Posted by Sarah Williams-Berg on Aug 08, 2020
Getting back on track!
From left: Kevin Pehler, Bill Swendson, Joel Lammers, Rick Ornberg, Bill Lentz, Sarah Williams-Berg and Jackie Foti.
The club Board of Directors met this week, (above) socially distanced and outside at Fowler Park and dug in to a few issues regarding our changing times and upcoming events, etc. Weather was great!  Here's the lowdown on upcoming meetings, per President Kevin Pehler:
"With our inconsistent schedule the past few months, thought it be wise to remind you we're back at the Community Center this Monday. We will also be offering a Zoom meeting at the same time."
  • We will get our schedule back into a normal routine soon. We've had a lot of obstacles in life since March, and consistent Rotary meetings have been one of them. Hang in there.
  • We will not be serving lunch for the time being. We will return to using Cornerstone for services and meals soon. Date TBD. In the interim, please feel free to bring your own lunch...EXCEPT NEXT WEEK (8/17) Offsite noon meeting at Fowler Park Pavilion, where the Boy Scouts will grill out.
  • During meetings, we'll provide hand sanitizer, masks, and plenty of space to social distance as we remove the partitions in the room.
Aug. 10 – in person mtg
Aug. 17 – Boy Scout cookout at Fowler Park
Aug. 24 – in person mtg
Rotary is launching a bicycle tour fundraiser Saturday, Sept. 12 with a 15-20 mile ride on the Lake Country Bike Trail. Starting at Imagination Station and running to the The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee, the event will raise funds for the Interurban Trail running between Watertown and Oconomowoc. Organizers wish to raise more than $3,000, recruit at least 150 riders, provide online registration and solicit sponsorships. Rotarians interested in helping sponsor this event should contact John Scambler or Joel Lammers. Promotion will begin on social media. If you’re an avid bicyclist and wish to join the committee, contact Joel!  CLICK HERE FOR EVENT REGISTRATION