Posted by Sarah Williams-Berg on Jul 17, 2019
A friend from Brazil stops by to say thanks
Former Brazilian exchange student Alan Sousa (above, center) returned to thank Rotarians for the life-transforming experience he had as an incoming student. The young man is working in finance in his home country. “I am so very grateful for what Rotary did for me,” he told Rotarians.
New Member Classification Talk: Mike Menefee

New Rotarian Mike Menefee classification speech – Mike described how he’s learned great virtues through his family, from his father stepping up to start a Little League in Iowa, learning dignity at the end of life, how important the little things are, humility and conservation efforts. The stay at home dad to two sons started his own video company and values the area’s natural beauty, neighborhood feel and the good Rotary provides its community. He said he looks forward to giving back to the community that has uplifted and embraced his family.

Also,please comment on, "Like" and "Share" new Rotarian Mike’s video of the Independence Day Parade on the Rotary Facebook page. To date the video has received more than 2,000 views.


Ian Favill (above) addressed Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our future planet. Data collection and user behavior tactics are rampant, as devices can track the individual owner and predict subsequent actions. He described how Amazon Echo, Netflix and Facebook can determine choices, interests and vocations, human interaction and reaction. Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the humans who program the machines. Favill warned against Russian and Chinese efforts to “attack our country daily,” in harvesting U.S. ideas and technology. He said cellphones serve as a gateway for predicting human behaviors. He also said that certain internet-based appliances in the household can monitor and record conversations and serve as “spies” on household practices in daily life.
Catering Update:
Saz’s Catering has told Pres. Kevin that they can no longer provide plates and silverware, that disposable fare would have to be served. Kevin asked for club solutions before Aug. 1. Find another caterer? Keep the venue? Accept disposable plates and plastic utensils? Please complete the survey sent by email to all members by Aug. 1.
  • Rotary Bingo July 22 at Shorehaven.
  • Rotary Potluck at the Pavilion at Shorehaven lakefront Monday, Aug. 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. Short boat rides will be available. RSVP to Dave Breckenfelder that you’ll be participating with an appetizer to pass. Dave & Sue Breckenfelder (
  • Rotary at Fowler Park Aug. 19 with Scouts providing the program and cookout.
  • Help needed for putting out Festival of the Arts signs. Contact Dan Giesen to assist.